Project Description

Every design “species” has its own little quirks but we have in our team people exceptionally skilled for any task, so we played around with the images our client provided for us and we sought to highlight them as best as possible in a menu that makes the eyes stimulate the taste

Of course, we took into account the cultural side of things so we added strong Lebanese elements, but at the same time keeping plenty of white space, especially for a global “light” feeling, meant to help hungry clients find right away exactly what they desire. Furthermore, in order to be extra-sure they find the goodies they crave for in no time and without any confusion, we also helped the Lebanese cuisine enthusiasts with a relatively minimalistic approach, without redundant bling by using fonts that are easy to read – both for letters, to make things clear about what they’re ordering, and for numbers, so that there is no mistake about how much they’ll have to pay in the end.