Welcome To 3D Art Studio!

We are a multimedia agency and since 2007 we’ve been fully committed to delivering everything our clients need, from concept to execution and production. That’s already ten years on the market as a company – a presence backed up by the vast experience and extensive qualification of Our Team.

During the past decade we’ve worked close to People from companies spread out through a variety of industries, ranging from Heavy Industry and all the way to IT&C and Automotive. Every collaboration sharpened our skills for crafting stories that sell, designing packaging that catches the eye, building brands, drawing up funky graphics, and everything in between. And we’ve also handled plenty of projects that required shaping highly technical imagery, understanding elaborate mechanics in the heavy industry, and creating all kinds of simulations in 3D, 360 or VR, both static and in motion.

What We Believe In

Creative problem solving, no matter how complex the challenge seems to be.

Timeless creation, since you need to build something that stands out today and just as much in the future, outside fads and trends.

Long-term relationships. We won’t say no to short-term projects, but magic often sparks once you go beyond reasoning and understanding. Magic happens when you feel what your partner needs.

Giving back, with open hearts and gratitude. We care about community and we are very much invested in CSR initiatives.

Meet Our Team

JohnFounder - CGI Expert
An engineer who found his true calling closer to art. Thorough, but creative. Technical in nature and talented by design.
FloranceBest seller
A problem solver on all fronts. Behind any successful business there is an amazing sales magician. And she’s ours.
AndreeaArt Director
Queen of the lens. Matchmaker of image, sound and emotion. A wiz both in the studio and on the field.
AlinaTextual Storyteller
Content creation is what she does best. Besides her mouthwatering tiramisu, of course.
TeoBranding Beauty
Besides glowing, she is in charge with bringing beauty into everything. Our lives and our clients’ companies
CiprianCGI Artist
He makes the world an… animated place. Or, if it isn’t any world, he creates it and he brings it to life, using the secret spells of technology.
VietVisual Storyteller
If you can dream it, he can draw it! When talent meets a graphic tablet, imagination becomes amazing illustration. Just dare him!
AndreeaArt Affairs Ambassador
She knows what you want before you tell her and makes sure you’ll be delighted. It’s so reassuring to know she’s in charge with our projects!
YokoChief Entertainment Officer
Woof. Woofwoofwoofwoof woofwoof. Woof-woof. Woof woof woof! Woof! WOOF! Woof… woof.