A lot of times both entrepreneurs and marketers alike tend to mix the two terms.

So we decided to clarify and make a clear difference between the main elements of “branding” versus “logo design”.

What are the reasons why your business or product needs a logo?

1. Identity, or more likely, identification – people need to be able to associate your services or product brand with a certain design. The more attractive it is, the better, as long as it keeps some simple lines to outline it and make it stand out in the crowd. After all, there can be “too much” in anything, right?

2. Uniqueness – a perfect logo is so simple that it can be identified anywhere. You want your brand to be recognized and impregnated in your clients’ minds. Here is an example:

We cannot be sure regarding what the symbol above the name means, it can be a stylish infinite symbol, or there could be two diamonds or an abstract pair of eyeglasses.

The truth is that it doesn’t even matter! It is simple, stylish and easily recognizable.

Once you see it, you will always associate it with the personal branding of Simon Malls.

Achievement unlocked!

Photo source: https://twitter.com/simonmalls

What does it actually mean to create a brand?

  • The brand sums up all the elements that define the position of your business within the marketplace, no matter the services or the products you offer;
  • First and foremost, a brand must speak about the company values, the employees, the quality of the provided services or products, etc.
  • Last, but not least, the brand means reputation: within the marketplace or online (we’re going to discuss online reputation management in another article);

The two notions are elements of the marketed reputation. The logo is part of the branding process and it is nothing more than the graphic extension of your brand.

Ideally, you should be able to keep the same identity and make it easily recognizable, even if some elements, such as the main colors, for example, can differ according to the situation.

You can find below a very relevant example of a brand’s evolution, that you surely heard of:

Photo source: https://lippincott.com/work/starbucks/

We can easily notice that the definitory elements of the concept are being kept, no matter the changes.

That doesn’t mean though that logo design is something anybody can do. It is quite a hassle of a process, it requires a lot of patience and creativity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact form here.