Despite technological advancements and all the benefits digital media bring about, offline marketing is still very powerful nowadays.

“How come?!” one might ask. Well, just take into consideration that there are only 3 billion internet users out of more than 7 billion people worldwide.

Posters are highly effective marketing tools as they provide the physical, tangible connection consumers are looking for. Moreover, they convey your key messages to your target audience. This type of interaction is powerful enough to drive brand awareness, engagement and even in-store or website traffic, depending on the “Call to Action”.

Designing poster layouts has always been among our favorite creative tasks on our projects mainly because we can bend the rules in a huge variety of ways. Posters can trigger strong emotions and feelings due to their creativity, boldness, daring use of colors and grooviness.

Some posters are designed with the sole purpose of getting the audience excited, pumped up about an event, while others simply aim to inform and focus more on the accuracy and persuasive power of the copy. No matter what type of poster you’ve got in mind, the key to success is to achieve the perfect balance between all elements: headline, copy, image, and logo. Once you’ve got that, you should also achieve a great result.

Always remember that the first step in creating an awesome poster is ensuring you’ve got all the necessary information regarding the target audience, brand, product, event etc. Afterward, the desired mood, emotion or reaction you wish to trigger in your audience’s behavior should normally lead to the choice of colors, fonts and the appropriate type of graphics to complement the information.

For every professional poster layout we’ve dealt with, we’ve always kept in mind that it must capture the brand message and look awesome anywhere it’s posted. Here are some useful Tips & Tricks we consider when we design a poster:

1. Make good use of colors

If there’s one completely open aspect in poster design, that’s color. It helps create a specific type of energy, it sets the desired mood and catches the eye.

Using creative illustrations and mixing relaxing shades, we’ve managed to trigger mystery and curiosity in the poster below.

2. Boost impact by playing with typography

A nicely designed poster can have a huge impact just through the fonts used. A bold sans serif will always show seriousness, while an italic sans serif will transpire elegance. On the other hand, a handwritten font will enhance states and moods such as freedom, relaxation or playfulness.

When having to design a poster layout, we always choose at least two font types: one to use for the headline and the other one for the body description.

You can find below an experimental composition meant to let the audience know that Fridays are supposed to be relaxing and fun, even at work. What we really like about this example is that it perfectly achieved its purpose: to send out enthusiasm and positive vibes.

3. Visual hierarchy is mandatory

Two key features of an awesome poster are the attention-grabbing potential and the info readability.

If there’s a small amount of copy, you can go for a bold, simple graphics or photo like posters. If there’s a lot of info that must be on the poster, then the type should be the focus there. In this case, you can have a big headline and a lot of bits and pieces of information, grouped in chunks.

An incredibly useful thing to do is to use real photos as they lend credibility and provide a more human touch.

4. Always have a focus point

Using in or out of focus visual elements can help showcase the most important aspect of the poster or can enhance the power of the headline or copy. Basically, you guide your audience’s eyes directly to the point of focus, ensuring the desired effect and impact.

In the example below, we used a minimal, yet extremely powerful, amount of text and added highly distilled symbols.

We hope these tips come in handy and remember, we’re always here, ready to support with any creative inquiry you might have.