Despite living in a digital era, promotional products are still incredibly effective for advertising and brand awareness purposes. Reaching potential customers through the use of branded promotional items has been a powerful, cost-efficient marketing practice for many years now. In fact, the first promotional products ever used were George Washington’s commemorative buttons, when he got elected president in 1789.

Ever since it’s been proven that promotional products are great drivers of customer behavior. Not to mention that people will always love free stuff!

According to Sageworld, 89% of consumers remember the advertiser of a promotional product received within the last 2 years. Moreover, 8 in 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional items.

It’s also worth mentioning that before receiving a promotional branded product, 55% of people do business with that specific advertiser. After receiving a promotional gift, the amount of people raises by 30%.

From SMBs and startups to large corporations and multinational enterprises, promotional products hold a huge importance when it comes to reaching out to vast amounts of consumers within a highly competitive marketplace.

Don’t be intimidated by “promotional products”. There’s no need for them to be fancy, nor pricy. The unwritten rule of most marketers is to give away simple items that can be used on a daily basis, preferably for longer than a month.

However, no one stops an experienced marketer from being creative and picking out not only useful items but also unique and high-quality ones for broader impact and insurance that consumers become more integrated and engaged with the brand.

Based on our vast experience with promotional products, we’d like to share a few Tips & Tricks we always take into consideration:

1. Keep your audience in mind

Before deciding upon any promotional product, no matter the marketing campaign or event, it’s mandatory for you to know your target audience.

Why?! Because this is the way it’s more likely to achieve a WIN-WIN situation in which you leverage a considerable ROI and your leads receive a free product they would enjoy and use.

2.  Plan logistics and distribution thoroughly

When you know for a fact who will receive your promotional products, make sure you also know how they are going to be distributed.

“How will my promotional products get to my target audience?” is a question that simply cannot remain unanswered.

3. Leverage an appealing “Call to Action”

What do you plan on achieving when giving away promotional products? What’s your purpose?

Maybe it’s increasing your website traffic…or maybe it’s more social media engagement… No matter which it is, don’t just give away without receiving anything in return. Add a convincing “Call to Action” to your product!

We really appreciate feedback and always ask our clients for it after each and every project delivery. What we find out not only makes us better at what we do every single day, but also provides us with valuable business insights that help us establish what worked and what could’ve been done even better.

From all our clients’ thoughts on the promotional products we’ve delivered so far, we’ve picked the common reasons why they bring a lot of added value to the marketing efforts of any business:

1. They’re low cost and highly efficient

An aggressive marketing campaign spread out all over the media is something that most businesses only dream about. However, cost-effective promotional products ensure marketing goals achievement with grace and can deliver great value to your investment.

Moreover, most suppliers and distributors offer really reasonable prices that get even better once the ordered quantity increases.

We know there’s a huge emphasis on digital marketing and social media nowadays. But we also know that offering promotional gifts to social media campaigns can increase awareness and traffic. According to, this can increase the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%. That’s huge, right?!

Dare to boost all your marketing efforts!

2. They ensure instant brand recognition

If consumers are able to immediately identify your business, services or products when seeing your logo, it’s safe to say you’ve achieved brand recognition within the marketplace. And promotional products are great brand ambassadors! They are usually kept for long periods of time, they usually don’t remain in only one place and they’re very likely to be seen and used by a lot of people, not only the ones who initially received them.

Therefore, promotional gifts call for brand memorability and your business will be rewarded when consumers recognize your products while shopping. They’re also more likely to choose your products since they’ve already leveraged a sense of familiarity due to the already repeated exposure.

3. They offer long-lasting, repeated exposure for your business

What’s truly awesome about promotional gifts is that they’re tangible and they’re meant for repeated use. Totally unlike digital, TV or radio ads, or even billboards that pass through sight in a matter of seconds, promotional products are there to feel and touch and increase business exposure on a daily basis.

If we’re taking into consideration that a lot of people use promotional gifts every week, that would make your brand seen at least 52 times a year. If that’s not high exposure, we don’t know what is!

4. They’re solid proof your customers matter to you

If we start from the premise that 85% of consumers do business with a company after receiving a promotional item, it’s safe to say that promotional products set the high bar quality standard.


5. They also prove your employees matter to you

You can offer promotional gifts to your employees, too, not only to prospects or customers. A lot of employees feel they’re representing the company they’re working for once they’ve received a promo item.

This sense of pride drives motivation and hence, improves productivity.

All these being said, make sure you include promotional products in your marketing mix in order to ensure a greater impact on your target audience and raise your brand’s profile.

We are well aware that choosing the best promotional product for your brand, target audience, mission, vision and key messages can be very much of a hassle.

Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of experience in dealing with promotional products from the mere concept to the actual execution. And we promise that everything we create is designed according to your desires and business needs. Contact us and let our experience and creative firepower work the magic for you!