Necessary, yet sometimes risky, the rebranding process has to be rigorously planned and should “occur” after a deep market research and an internal purpose-value audit. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just took into consideration several studies about reasons, efficient strategies and possible customer behaviors after this sort of identity decision.

So everything has to be controlled and must be based on accurate needs and aspirations, to ensure that both loyal clients and prospects will be positively touched.

Further on, we will detail our portfolio experience in creating bi-fold flyers for our client, the first move of a rebranding game that started with us.

The right questions call for relevant answers

Working on this rebranding project turned out to be both challenging and motivating, at the same time. It began at the first meeting, where we found out our client’s values, how they define their brand and what they’d like to change. It was interesting to compare the self-perception with their aspirations, as it helped us establish the expectations and the desired market positioning. We always keep in mind what Marty Neumeier said:

Your brand is not what YOU say it is. It is what THEY say it is.

We had to ask the right questions in order to receive relevant answers for shaping the brand’s personality and a future action strategy. In other words, we established how the brief should look like and we’ve started planning to make it happen.

The MACRO plan

Why was rebranding necessary? Our client noticed new typologies of customers
Young, informed and always up to date with the latest innovations, the prospects needed promotional materials that met their expectations and had high potential to impress. So the brand felt the need for a new identity to express its belief: modern agriculture is about controlled high quality and quantity production, converted into profit.

How? Partially and gradually.
The company decided to keep the logo and the headline but agreed to refresh all printed materials (bi-fold flyers, brochures, banners, magazine designs etc.). Therefore, our job was not only to give our client an image makeover but also to understand what rebranding should mean in this particular case. Our mission was, besides creating, advising and reaching a common level of understanding on the degree of change and strategy.

What’s the desired effect?
Our client wanted to present the crop recipes in a clearer and more attractive way. The purpose was to inform and to come up with an elitist approach to agriculture that would help ensure the desired high position within the marketplace.

The MICRO plan

Who will receive the printed materials?
We’ve created the graphic design keeping in mind an ideal type of customer, the one for whom everything started in the first place.

Where will they be distributed?
Meetings, fairs, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, training sessions and other events where they will be offered individually. Or, as a set, in a presentation folder, we also designed.

The 3 WHATs

What’s the bi-fold flyers’ purpose? Clearly inform and impress.
What kind of message should they convey? Besides the technical information, the design should express innovation.
What’s missing now? The attractive design through a unitary concept.


We wanted to outrun the Romanian market, bring novelty, get out of the classical patterns and surprise. We must confess that even the client was a bit skeptical of our ability to create something “never seen yet on the market”. We’ve put to good use our entire range of skills (illustration3D modelingphoto editing and composition) and we’ve combined a lot of design techniques so we could get the best out of our concept proposals.

We managed to come up with 3 concepts that became test materials. Then the winner was chosen for both types of printed flyers (crops and products).

While working on implementing the concepts, we’ve brainstormed a lot on how we should represent the field to get it out of the ordinary. We wanted to express the brand philosophy and to create a design to talk about modern agriculture, controlled profit, and high technologies, using a clever and elegant approach.

The extra-challenge we’ve set was to make them so appealing that they would also attract someone who’s not interested at all. The funny part was to visually represent the information using 3D objects and scenes, in order to create universes and show how the products help increase the crops production. Our main challenge was establishing a balanced correspondence between technical data and 3D modelled objects, which is definitely not an easy thing to do. Moreover, we had tons of research to do as the chemical terms and their role in agriculture were pure gibberish to us.

We came up with differentiated headlines, always aware that they have to talk about profit and technology in agriculture. They had to express the perfect match between purpose (profit through agriculture) and the effect of each product or crop recipe. We were also entrusted with establishing titles and subtitles, rephrasing and simplifying, correcting and summarizing.

Once we’ve finished these bi-fold flyers, banners and magazines key visuals came up next, and….at this point, we’re looking forward to receiving new tasks in this rebranding process.

Until then though, what are your branding challenges? Is there anything we can help you with?

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