The achievements in modern technology are very hard to believe nowadays. But when it comes to VR technology everything needs to be completely believable. If not, then it’s not quite right. And it’s everywhere. At least we can’t think of any fields which VR technology has not entered yet, but hey, if you disagree, go on and tell us your version!

From education to entertainment, health or to any kind of business (afferent to any industry – even the heavy industry) VR devices and services are the main attractions when we think about the most recent innovations of the digital world. And that can only be fair since VR technology is increasingly developing and remains constantly surprising at the same time, progressing faster than we’ve ever imagined and being totally in sync with the current human needs.


More than imagination, less than reality

No wonder we’re so fascinated by how useful VR devices can be and by this technology in itself, for that matter. It’s more than an ordinary relationship in which you may discover someone’s qualities in time. In this case, the best qualities are on their way to be created and one knows for sure that they are completely possible.

You may be inclined to wonder if there is anyone who may not be fascinated by VR, but for a multimedia advertising agency, the possibilities to use this technology are not only countless but also challenging. It’s like a ‘battlefield’ of professional skills because, after all, we have to deal with virtual tours, stereoscopic virtual tours, hyper-lapse VR 360° video productions, interactive/static environments or simulations of dangerous situations (piloting a plane, simulated surgery operations, driving tests, rally races). And the list is huge, if not endless.

Going further with the innovations and their unprecedented potential, the next step is the Augmented Reality (AR). This technology is considered an extension of Virtual Reality, and this is how things can literally become pure fantasy in the video production area.

We focus on the ‘multi’ part of the name (from multimedia advertising agency) because we are very enthusiastic and ready to combine all types of graphics and techniques plus everything we know, in order to make our Virtual Reality services become the Fun and Adrenaline of each professional request.


E for Extraordinary

No need to say that there are plenty of advantages for both customers and businesses, especially if one of the three Es is reached: Education, Entertainment or Economy (of Time and Money). In fact, there is a direct connection between the usefulness of VR products and all the benefits of VR technology. This connection is governed by a strict principle – cause and effect. In this sense, a purpose is generating an effect which, from a different perspective, can be considered a goal which leads to profit, an implicit purpose. And it can go on and on. One can think of it as making a snowball and rolling it down a hill.

This is why we think that a close view – or even better, a 360° perspective – can make a big difference in a Company’s Budget and may become the new Beauty in Business.

To exclude any doubt, let’s say that an automotive company’s purpose is to offer a VR video presentation of a product and of a driving test simulated experience. This will generate the Comfort and Informative effect by viewing it without any (let’s say – travelling) costs, with a big advantage: time and money saving, for both the potential buyer and the company. This effect becomes a goal. Once reached, this goal generates profit for the company and satisfaction for the buyer – so the entire system is moved on to the next level and it has a new purpose-effect frame. All this while everything looks pleasant and feels unbelievably real.

The same reasoning has been applied to our VR project, as well and it is a highly relevant example that clearly shows how right we are. Also, the results are totally worth our struggle (because it was a struggle to make the VR Technology accessible on the Romanian multimedia market).



We brought the newest professional cameras for filming at 360 degrees, all the way from the US. Truth is that very few can afford or know how to use them. The first reason was our philosophy: there is no worldwide technology which we can’t make accessible to our people. The second one was the perfect opportunity to use our skills in the VR video production.



You’d better join the queue

So we did it. We’ve offered quality and our videos are speaking for themselves no matter the (360°) analyzing perspective. In the future, we expect companies, especially on the Romanian market, to start embracing the VR technology for their own image and publicity. After all, this is an intelligent tool no matter the field it is used for and it works smoothly for those who understand one simple thing: a virtual reality experience is just a little less than a real one but sometimes more fulfilling.

In fact, noticing what the worldwide tendencies are at the moment, we can conclude without any doubts: you can run from reality but you can’t avoid the virtual reality. And we will be here waiting for you.