When passion meets creativity on an engineering background, there is no industry that can’t be approached with an artistic spin. Not even the heavy industry, regardless of the activity field or the company’s profile.

Let’s face it, when we say heavy industry, Art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Large machines, sophisticated equipment, huge quantities of raw materials, appliances, professional tools and technical processes don’t really look like creative muses… Says who?

Our team – One in a million

We believe there is hidden poetry in everything, even in the aircraft industry, the chemical industry and the safety equipment industry, as well as in welding, building ships, cars, machines and skyscrapers, in producing steel, plastic or any sort of energy. As long as you understand the needs of each industry and you know how to highlight the particularities of each activity profile, there is no limit to creativity.

At least this is how we see things, but this might be influenced by our biggest asset: the 3D Art Studio team. Engineers, architects and artists put together their knowledge and imagination in order to create quality digital products and services for any client. As a result, technical processes are easily decrypted, processing procedures are explained in an accessible manner and products are presented at their true value and utility, through a creative point of view.

We don’t say it’s an easy task, but the greater the challenge, the bigger the satisfaction.

In case you were wondering why a heavy industry company could ask for a multimedia advertising agency’s services. The answer is in the question itself: the services. Or, more exactly, our multimedia expertise and services.

Because we can’t pretend we don’t notice: it’s quite a rare skill for a multimedia agency to understand technical processes, to spot the distinctive elements, to deconstruct and reconstruct products, to add value to simple things, to recreate, to focus on surprising details. And our heavy industry projects and the experience we’ve gathered in time thanks to them stand as proof.

Thanks to the learning and training videos we’ve created, we’ve also became very familiar with the health and safety rules and we’ve understood that being in a good physical condition isn’t optional. Neither the availability to work under unusual circumstances, especially when it comes to filming in factories, with the possibility of shooting at great heights and wearing special equipment.

Different shades of advantages

Overall, we noticed that no matter where we traveled around the world, the multimedia needs and types of projects were almost the same, because of their main complex purpose: to optimize the resources, inform and promote (raw materials, products, appliances, techniques, services, the business itself).

If we think of the extended range of the multimedia products and services we can provide, but also of their utility, the advantages are incommensurable in regard to resources of time, money, impact, development and efficiency (especially in communication). As a direct consequence, the sales process is also simplified and sensibly improved either through training or learning videos, company presentations, 3D product and packaging simulations or through 2D creations, depending on the needs and circumstances.

And it’s quite an intuitive effect, because sometimes words are not enough and people need to see before buying. Therefore, it is more convenient (saving time, money, energy) to send digital materials to potential clients or partners in hundreds of places around the world than sending devices (that may be sensitive or huge and so on), along with experts to showcase how they work.

The same advantage of the proper multimedia creations is that, no matter on which side of a heavy industry you stand, you save those important resources we’ve mentioned before with better and more easily obtained results. You don’t have to physically travel to see for yourself how things look and work, nor to train new team members from new production centers, to check the quality and efficiency of something you are interested in, to understand different technological processes, etc. But what if something doesn’t exist yet in a physical form and you want to sell a great idea? Or what if you wanted to showcase a future project, how a machine will look like, how it will work?

The scenarios are endless; so is our creativity and we make us of it in all types of services we provide:


Training videos, learning videos, application/demonstration videos, “How it’s made” videos, industrial video presentations (of technical processes), company presentations (whiteboard), time-lapse and hyper-lapse video.

3D digital materials

3D product simulation, 3D product presentation, interactive 3D objects presentation, 3D Virtual Reality, 3D packaging rendering

2D digital materials

industrial branding & rebranding, infographics


Product and commercial photography, application before/after photography, commercial photo catalog

Virtual Reality (360 VR)

Tours, spaces, places. For full experience please use your smartphone and Oculus glasses if you have.

Interactive technical documents

Pseudo-sites (pdfs which work as sites, perfect for presentations, readable/compatible by any operating system), interactive creative powerpoints, online web technical animations.

UX/UI – User Industrial Apps

Non-digital goodies

corporate gifts, exhibition stands, corporate and conference stage design (concept, 3D simulation and implementation), event branding (banners, rollups, desks etc.)

And many more. As long as there will be a need and a will, we will easily offer an accessible way, a customized solution for any challenge. So, what will be yours?

No, really, we are waiting for your answers.