Sometimes, talking about the good things that happen close to you is not a matter of pride, but a duty. It’s a matter of encouraging and inspiring, and this is why, when we were invited to join one of the greatest CSR projects in our community, we got involved with open arms.

We are referring to the 6th TELUS Days of Giving event, organized in Romania by TELUS International Europe, one of the leaders in the BPO industry. The Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is part of TELUS International’s identity and four times in a row, year by year, we were the ones who captured the emotions and involvement of more than 1200 volunteers. They dedicated their free time to supporting children in need, a daring cause powered by Hospices of Hope NGO, the leading palliative care charity in South East Europe.

Where there’s a will, there’s a 3D way

As it happened on each edition, our contribution was “high-tech hearted” and consisted in offering our full creative expertise, including high quality photo-video production, innovative marketing materials, and… a lot of soul.

On June 10th 2017, six of the 3D Art Studio’s wizards made good use of all their spells, professional 4K toys and skills in order to create some wonderful memories, just as last year’s ones.

For this to happen, the key to success was the 4K resolution and the aerial shooting with a drone to comprise the visual story of the event. As a complete proof of the hard work, passion and dedication invested in this project, three months prior to the event our cameras started filming continuously – day by day – the entire process of building a new facility, in order to create a time lapse video; everything seasoned with plenty of motion graphics and video graphics, for a complete professional material.

A considerable amount of energy was invested in order to support: six cameras, thousands of photos taken during three months for assembling the time lapse movie, more than 760 event photos, 500 video sequences and a lot of hours put into the project (three months of full day filming, 12 hours of TELUS Day of Giving, plus more than 240 post-production hours).


event photos


video sequences


working hours

Meanwhile, aside from virtual and multimedia aspects, we also took care of the entire process of production and delivery for the promotional items, starting with the conception phase to implementation. We were truly happy to see that each and every one of the hundreds of plush Pandas, the big Panda mascot, the 3D effect printed T-shirts, customized display systems, badges, balloons, silicone bracelets, caps and bandannas were appreciated. Below you can see some of the smiling reasons! 😉

Memories are about “being together”

As time passed, our client became our partner and friend, with whom we’ve built, over the years, a relationship based on respect and consideration. Therefore, joining the 2017 edition of TELUS Days of Giving was our way of showing gratitude for this good collaboration, but also a challenge for keeping the trust we gained.

Yet, it’s not enough to simply make things happen, but to make them in such a way that they matter, so we can hardly wait for next year’s edition of TELUS Days of Giving, to continue sustaining this commendable initiative for improving the lives of people from our community.

And while we finish working on this year’s video, we invite you to watch the video showcasing the last editions of the event. Enjoy!